Heart Strings….

Posted On May 4, 2011

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So, I went on a tour of the Capitol on Saturday morning and for the first time in a long time, I had that feeling.  The one where I feel like God is speaking directly to me, showing me my purpose.  Its more than excitement, its a passion that originates in my heart but somehow always manages to stop in my head. 

The thing is, I really would love to work on the Hill.  I would love to get on the staff of a Congressman or Senator whose ideas I could get behind and support.  The problem is, I dont have a degree that says I know how to do that.  Not to mention, that in this town, you have to know someone to get a job on the Hill, and on the Hill, I am pretty much over the hill.  I think I have good ideas and that I am good at communicating, but I am not a professional and they have no reason to give me a chance.  You see, this is where my head gets involved and starts talking some sense into my heart and mostly, that just leaves me frustrated. 

I think I could be good at politics…maybe not, but I would really like to give it a try.


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