Hey Christmas!

Posted On December 17, 2009

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okay, first…how the heck did we get to December?!  I have officially been in DC for 5 months and it feels like i just moved here in a lot of ways.  And yet, so much is different. 

i have officially moved from like to love in terms of my job and where i live.  i really, really like living here.  my team at work is AWESOME!  they have been very kind and patient with me as i fumble through the world of working at NAVSEA.  i would explain further but then i would have to either kill you or embed one of those flashy things from Men in Black to erase your memory when you finish reading the blog and quite frankly i dont have that kind of time or energy so just know that the job is good! 

my apartment is small, expensive and starting to feel more and more like home.  i have bought a few pictures and even hung them on the wall (well my dad hung them).  I have bought the rods and curtains for the sliding glass doors and hopefully maintenance will be coming to put those up next week.  i can officially get to and from work (both work places because i work out of two places depending on the day) without the help of Richard…huge accomplishment as  those of you who have experienced my directional challenges know.  (and for those of you on boy watch in my life…Richard is my GPS…should i actually get a date i will be sure to post it in the ticker on CNN) 

Now, i know many of you are wondering about church and small group and all of that…yes, i go to frontline.  no, its not as regular as it should be.  yes, i have plans to make it more regular after the new year. 

i miss you all like crazy and thank goodness for Facebook…otherwise i would go crazy trying to keep up with how everyone is doing!  i am hoping to make it down to NC in january for a visit, but between work and travel and life….free weekends are few and far between for me…i am going to try though!


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