Posted On August 12, 2009

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So this is really just a mind dump of random thoughts…no real rhyme or reason, so if you were hoping for a deep, meaningful blog…check back at a later date.

  1. How is it possible that stop and go traffic can be caused by nothing? Like all of a sudden it just stops being stop and go and there is no accident, nothing in the road, NOTHING?!?! I do not enjoy that!
  2. Why do things cost more or less depending on where you live in the country? I just feel like it would be better or easier to just standardize the cost of living…and who decided that some places should cost more than others?
  3. Early and late are relative terms. For example, late for me in the morning is now 5:30 am…as in if I get to sleep until 5:30 am I have “slept in!”
  4. I do not love outside, but I really wish I did. I think outside people are happier, more content people and therefore I am going to try hard to appreciate and enjoy outside.
  5. I have started running, mostly because when you live with your parents at the age of 26, even if only temporarily, you need to take your aggression out somewhere.
  6. This is what I have decided about running:
    1. I am really out of shape
    2. Running uphill is not enjoyable
    3. I have found muscles I did not know I had
    4. I think I have smaller lungs than most adults because I am out of breath almost immediately
    5. I am not one of those cute runner girls who still smile even though they feel like their lungs are going to explode…I am the ugly runner girl whose face is contorted in unnatural ways because my lungs might actually explode
  7. I think that God may be using the traffic I seem to sit in no matter what time I leave in the afternoon to get me to talk to Him and if that’s the case then I feel like I should apologize to the thousands (okay that may be an exaggeration, hundreds) of other people also sitting in their cars…Sorry!
  8. I am irrevocably and completely addicted to Facebook and check it like every few minutes from my phone.
  9. Childhood really is what you spend the rest of your life trying to get over.
  10. Be careful what you pray for because you just might get it…I will reference my prayer in the fall that if God wanted me to move He would have to force me to move…HELLO DC!!!
  11. It is harder to fall in love with God for WHO He is rather than for WHAT He does.
  12. I do and say things that I think will make people want to spend time with me…why do I act as though how God made me is not perfect and good enough?
  13. Why is it easier to believe lies about ourselves that are negative instead of the truth that comes from God designed to encourage and uplift us?
  14. Why don’t GPSes come with the ability to know what the traffic is like on the route it has you taking and then why can’t it just take you another way so you don’t sit in traffic? I mean really, we went to the moon, you would think it would not be all that difficult!
  15. I think that church should leave me as excited each week as I feel when I leave conferences like Catalyst or Orange.
  16. I want to be good at designing things, like my apartment. I am not good at putting furniture together and then picking out little accent things to make it look “put together”, but thank goodness I have friends who are!!!

Okay well my head feels like ten pounds lighter!


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  1. Cheri

    Wow….yes you should feel lighter!!! Good stuff….I was reading Stuff Christians Like before yours & it’s very interestiong how it ties into tour #9,12 & 13…go read it! (Jonathan Christopher Have you ever forgotten who you are? )
    Glad you are all move in..take care!!

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