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Posted On July 23, 2009

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Okay, so my life has taken a turn that came out of left field and i was not really ready for it, but here i am.  its been 9 days since i moved up here and actually (to my surprise) it has been okay.  i am definitely not at love yet, and i am not sure if love will really ever come, but its also definitely not terrible.  i will be glad when i start meeting some people my age and feeling like i have a group of friends here, but i know that takes time and i am trying to be patient. 

so….lets start with moving back in with your parents.  i dont recommend it!!  i love my parents and they have been really great, but my mom, bless her heart, is very hands on and IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!  every night she makes me pick out my clothes for the next day so she can iron and comment on them…love her mean it, but really?!  but, on the other hand she does pack my lunch and i have a home cooked meal every night…so i guess i can’t really complain.

my job is pretty great actually.  very low key right now and pretty straight forward.  for those who dont know, i will just explain what exactly i am doing and for whom i am working.  i have a job with a contracting company called imagine one technology and management.  they are small company that does contracting project work, mostly for governmental and military agencies.  another contracting company, SAIC/EMA, contracted my company to fill the position that i hold for their contract with NAVSEA, a part of the navy.  i am the executive assistant to one of the project leads and its going to be a pretty fun ride.  he is very cool and laid back.  he has been very nice and accomodating so far, and is pretty flexible about my schedule.  currently, i work from 7 am to 3:30 pm, but once i move to my new place in arlington, i will probably work 6:30 am to 3 pm for awhile.  hopefully after a month or so i can move to the 9 days of 9 hours with every other friday off schedule.  (most government workers up here work that schedule)  I am learning all about traffic and how if you leave 5 minutes earlier or later than normal it can have devstating consequences on your commute.  i have also learned that most people in this area eat breakfast and lunch at the office.  now, when i say eat meals, like we have little refrigerators in our cubicles and people keep milk and cereal and juice and like actual food in their cubes and like eat…its different, but good for my morning routine. 

i have also figured out that early is relative and that now 5 am is not really as early as i thought.  i get to work at 7 am, but most of the people in my office have already been here for 2 hours by the time i get here…its crazy!!  i dont really see myself as the working from 5 am to 1:30 pm kind of girl, but who knows!!

i found an apartment in arlington in a little community called shirlington.  its near where my main office is for the contracting company and only about 20 or 25 minutes from my work.  the apartments are called the Windsor at Shirlington Village and you can go and look at it online.  i am living in the biggest one bedroom (and paying for every bit of it, i might mention), with a poolside view.  (see, now you want to come visit right? =))  the area around it is really fun too.  Shirlington Village has lots of little shops and restaurants and they are literally at my doorstep.  i am able to walk to everything i really need, including the 2 story harris teeter that i am super excited about!  it is very dog friendly, everyone has a big dog, and all of the restaurants have outdoor seating where you can bring your dog to dine with you…very cool!

okay, thats enough for now, i should probably actually get some work done, but i will post more later this week or early next!


2 Responses to “single in the city”

  1. Cheri

    Let’s see…..someone who lets you stay rent free, cooks for you, cleans up after you, washes & irons your clothes, shops for your food & packs your lunch…..however will you go on!! LOL everything sounds like it is really falling into place…almost like there is a plan…that we can’t see….hmmmmm…..hope I get to see you this weekend!!!

  2. Joan

    understand you completely, when we moved down to North
    Carolina, the house sold sooner than Dave and I thought.
    Try being 40 and moving back home with your Mom for

    Dave and I are still prayering for you, glad your
    blog is still up

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