the move

Posted On July 12, 2009

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okay so since i know everyone wants to know the details of the job, the interview, and the move i will just tell the story here. 

i came out to the beach house on tuesday to spend the week with courtney as the last hurrah before both she and i started work, her at the hospital and me at the school.  anyway, i had literally just finished unpacking my stuff and changed into my bathing suit when i got a phone call from my mom saying that my dads company had a job opening and that the interviews were on thursday.  yeah, its tuesday afternoon, i am on topsail island in north carolina and the job interview is in northern virginia on thursday.  well we all know how flexible i am and how much i LOVE for my plans to change (that is a joke!) so of course i was more than happy to change my plans and get on a plane for the interview.  😉  so i flew up from wilmington at 5:30 am on Thursday, rented a car, drove to the my dads office, did the interview, drove back to the airport and flew back to wilmington on Thursday night.  i got an offer at the interview and accepted and then proceeded to cry the whole way back to the beach. 

its not that i am not excited about the job because i am and its a great job for me, its just that i was not planning on moving right now or having three days to get all my stuff together and say my goodbyes.  i guess maybe this is better because its not all drawn out and its not like the move the mississippi was, i am only 5 hours away and i will be back to visit (and come visit me!) but still, my heart is broken because i will  miss all of you very much!! 

i am leaving on tuesday morning because i have to be at work on wednesday.  i am literally taking my dog, his crate and some clothes and staying with my parents this week.  hopefully i will sign a lease on saturday and be back in nc the following weekend to pack the rest of my stuff and move it to md.  i will be living in bethesda, maryland.  when i have an address i will let you know.

i love you guys…i want you to know that!


2 Responses to “the move”

  1. Joan

    Dave and I will miss you alot, but we pray for
    your future and hope the changes will go smoothly
    for you.

  2. Shea

    We’re going to miss you so much. We’re praying for you and hope that your first week of work was WONDERFUL! We love you!

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