Posted On April 12, 2009

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so here is what i think.  i think that we sometimes forget what a big deal easter sunday is.  i think we sometimes just say that Jesus came, died, and rose again without the emotion and gut reaction it deserves and should get.  i think we sometimes get so caught up in our own lives and busyness and weekend planning that we forget that what we do and how we act has life or death consequences.  i just got back from newspring community church where i went to the easter service and it totally reminded me that without easter, i have no hope. 

i mean come on.  Jesus came down from heaven, HEAVEN…you know the place where God is, yeah he came down here…you know the place where we humans sort of suck most of the time, to live and teach.  He came here and was rejected.  GOD CAME HERE AND WAS REJECTED!!  it makes me wonder what side i would have been on if i had lived when Jesus lived here.  would i have recognized him?  would i have been a follower of His or would i have been in the crowd that sentenced him to death?  i would like to think that i would have loved Him and followed Him at all costs, but i look at how i live now, and i am not so sure.  i mean the man got up on a cross AFTER he was beaten 39 times and He could have gotten down.  He was fully human and fully divine.  He could have gotten Himself down off that cross, He could have stopped at the beatings, but He didn’t.  and not only did He not get down or stop the beatings, He remained silent only responding when asked if He was God’s Son.  seriously, that is love people.  that is love that i cannot even comprehend or begin to understand, but i know this:  i had, until tonite, forgotten how important it is that i live in such a way that people see Him when they watch me live my life.  i had forgotten that it is urgent that we reach people for Christ.  i had forgotten that people who do not accept Him and let Him come in their hearts go to hell.  i think forgot is the wrong word to use, i think we have just gotten used to it.  sort of like how we have gotten used to talking about Jesus’ death and resurrection.  we cannot and should not get used to either of those things.  i pray that from now on, if i start to just nonchalantly live my life, God would wreck my world as a reminder of what He did.  come on people, why are we not running out into the world screaming the gospel?  why are we just letting minutes, hours, and days go by without building relationships with people who dont know Him?  why are we letting Satan fill our lives with busyness and chaos?  why does it take going to a concert or rockin church service to shake my heart and remind me how important it is that i am doing all i can to make Him known?  everything i do and everything we do should be to make Him known….period.  this is life or death people.  it is urgent.


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